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        The North West Regional ESD would like to extend a formal thank you to Portland State University's  Helen Young, Mickey Pardew, Tiffany Sanford, and Jennifer Rowen for their support, collaboration and use of the CAPSTAR Project materials. Contributors to the CAPSTAR Project: Jocelyn Bray and Corrine Young


                                         CAPSTAR PROJECT

Comprehensive Autism Program using Strategies for Teaching Autism  Research



What Parents Should Know

Causes and Incidence of Autism

Characteristics, Diagnosis and Educational Needs of Children with Autism

Special Education Laws and Regulations

Teaching Communication

Visual Strategies

Behavior Management

Research Based Interventions

Self-Care and Independence

Leisure and Play

How to Prepare for Transitions of Receiving Students with ASD Into your Classroom and Sending Them to the Next Grade or School Site. Tips for Parents and Teachers.


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