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Picture of Cascade Head from Camp Westwind.

Westwind Outdoor School

P.O. Box 408, Otis, Oregon 97368

(541) 994-4591

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Directions to Westwind

Westwind is located on the Oregon coast, just a few miles north of Lincoln City.  In use by Northwest Outdoor Science School since 1984, Westwind is one of the most beautiful places in Oregon.  Its 508 acres of wild coastal land include 2 miles of coastline, rocky headlands and sea caves, mature Sitka spruce and beach pine forests, and the Salmon River estuary. Westwind and Cascade Head (seen above) are part of a U.N. Biosphere Reserve.
Westwind is an outstanding place to study natural science.  Its seclusion -- access is only by boat across the Salmon River, or a three mile hike along an access road -- and inclusion within the Cascade Head Scenic-Research Area have kept it a very wild place.  Wildlife at Westwind include Bald Eagles, elk, ravens, deer, sea lions, salmon, bobcats and whales.  Also, there are numerous tide pools and sea caves filled with wondrous marine organisms.
Facilities at Westwind include a lodge with dining hall, modern showerhouse & restrooms, fifteen cabins, learning center, staff & teacher lodging, and a health center.

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