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Northwest Outdoor Science School

Sunset at the ocean.

Northwest Outdoor Science School uses four residential education sites in northwest Oregon. All sites have cabins with heat and electricity, restrooms with hot showers and a dining hall with excellent food. There are beautiful study areas with forests, meadows, ponds and streams. Magruder and Westwind also have beach study areas right on the Pacific Ocean!

Camp Cedar Ridge welcome sign.

Cedar Ridge Outdoor School

18062 Keasey Road

P.O. Box 296

Vernonia, OR 97064

(503) 429-3042

Cedar Ridge Page

Magruder Outdoor School

17450 Old Pacific Hwy, #7

Rockaway Beach, OR 97136

Phone:  503-355-8429

Magruder Page

Pond at Camp Trickle Creek.

Trickle Creek Outdoor School

5390 4-H Road NW

Salem, OR 97304

(503) 371-4064

Trickle Creek Page

Cascade Head across from Camp Westwind.

Westwind Outdoor School

P.O. Box 408

Otis, OR 97368

(541) 994-4591

Westwind Page