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High school and college students who volunteer as Outdoor School Counselors are eligible to receive Education course credit from Portland Community College for their experience.

This credit is transferable to many other colleges and universities in Oregon, and may transfer to institutes of high learning in other states.

High school students receive 2 credits in course

ED 208: Outdoor School Leadership.

College students receive 3 credits in course

ED 214 Practicum: Outdoor School.

The cost for high school students is $25.00 for the two credits.  The cost for college students is the usual per-credit fee charged by PCC.

High school students who volunteer as Counselors

at Outdoor School can request PCC registration forms from our office.


Credit is only granted to Counselors who demonstrate the ability to perform their duties in a positive, mature manner, and who receive written evaluations from Outdoor School staff that recommend their return to Outdoor School to counsel in the future.

For more information, contact Chad Stewart at 503-614-1403.