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Northwest Outdoor Science School
Daily Schedule

A day at Outdoor School is packed with activities.  There is one time set aside for doing nothing – we call it “bedtime.”  Otherwise, everyone is kept busy all day long with fun activities.  Even during cabin times, Counselors are helping their students play games, clean the cabin, get ready for field study, and more.

Below is an example of a typical day:

7:00       Wake-up

7:35       Flag Ceremony

7:45       Breakfast

8:30       Duties & Cabin Clean-Up

9:00       Morning Field Study

12:00     Lunch

12:45     Relaxation with cabin group

1:30       Afternoon Field Study

4:00       Recreation

5:00       Cabin time

5:45       Flag Ceremony

6:00       Dinner

7:00       Meetings & Homeroom Time

8:30       Campfire

10:00     Lights out

Students watching the flag ascend the flag pole during a morning ceremony.

The nation's flag ascends the pole, assisted by a cabin of students, as the whole camp watches. Morning flag is one duty that students at Outdoor School perform as a cabin group.