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Northwest Outdoor Science School
Field Study Activities

Field study activities are developed and implemented by the Field Instructors at each site.  Program leaders assist on field studies, and our volunteer Counselors are trained to teach most of the activities.  This enables us to keep study group sizes small, usually between 6-8 students.  Smaller study groups allow for more personal attention to be given to each student, thereby engaging them in active learning all day long.

Some of the ideas & concepts students learn about at Outdoor School are:

Girl looking into a tidepool.

Exploring the tidepools at Camp Westwind.

Habitat & Adaptations Soil Compaction & Erosion Marine Invertebrates
Plant Identification Water Quality Analysis Soil Profile Layers
Ocean Tides Photosynthesis Tide Pool Life
Animals Signs & Tracking Water Cycle Bird Watching and ID
Aquatic Animal Collection Rock Cycle & Geology Plant Succession