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What is Student Recruiting?

Student Recruiting is about getting more of your peers at your school signed up to be Counselors at Outdoor School. 

Handing out registration cards, telling people about why Outdoor School is so fun and rewarding, and encouraging them to sign up and attend an in-town counselor training is all that it takes to be a Student Recruiter.

Win Outdoor School Prizes!

Prizes only for recruiters who get more people to counsel include mugs, T-shirts, hoodies and more!  The hoodies and T-shirts have the new Outdoor School logo (shown above) that is only on recruiter prizes!

No minimum time commitment is required!

Of course, the more time you spend recruiting, the higher the chance you'll have of earning cool Outdoor School prizes!  We require no minimum effort on your part.  If you wish to recruit just your friends, that's fine.  If you want to go all-out and recruit as many people as possible, that's fine, too!