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Pond at Camp Trickle Creek.

Trickle Creek Outdoor School

5390 4-H Road NW, Salem, Oregon 97304

(503) 371-4064

Trickle Creek Photos

Trickle Creek location

Trickle Creek Outdoor School occurs at the camp of the Oregon 4-H Center.  This site is located 8 miles northwest of downtown Salem, and is about an 80 minute drive from downtown Portland.  Trickle Creek offers over 300 acres of beautiful natural study areas, including forests, ponds, meadows, fields and streams.  There is abundant wildlife at Trickle Creek, especially the deer that are often seen wandering near the middle of camp.
Many of Trickle Creek's buildings and pathways feature a wide variety of beautiful, hand-cut and polished native rocks that were collected by the late Ivan Stewart, the original owner of the property that is now the camp.  The dining hall includes a floor-to-ceiling fireplace made from native petrified wood.
There are eight cabins on site, as well as two modern bathhouses, a magnificent campfire area, nice staff & teacher accommodations, and open-air shelters.

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